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Without verifiable data, we must rely on our own assumptions. Giving you empowerment for creating an interactive meeting environment that is intriguing to participants and invaluable to clients seeking credible, useful results. That is what you can expect from a Dynamic Conferences. Reaching participants in a manner of style and quality surpassing all conventional expectations. Setting goals higher than you might anticipate and beating them. Generating invaluable data that is easy to understand and even easier to use. And most importantly, collecting results that can further your business, your mission and your bottom line.  Dynamic Conferences is the culmination of a series of precise, predictable and proven systematic processes created to successfully increase the productivity of your meetings.

You see, we're all about helping you create meetings that stimulate your audience and generate results. To us, there is no other way to meet.

Gathering opinions from a live audience is easy, if you utilize an Audience Response system from Dynamic Conferences.  Our experts spend the time to help you gather the polling information that you need.   Whether your audience is a small Focus Group for a large crowd in an auditorium, you can gather their opinions in a matter of seconds.   Utilizing state of the art RF wireless keypads we can poll an audience of 4000 in a matter of seconds.   Now instead of using paper surveys where the data can take hours or days to compile, you have have instant audience voting and opinion polling.  
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Audience Response Systems: One size doesn’t fit all!

Picking the “right” technology for your meeting.

We understand that “no two meetings are alike” and as audience response experts we will place
the "right" keypads at the "right" meetings… not just what’s in stock.

Need the industry workhorse keypad on your tables?

Need keypads with advanced functions for your meeting?

Need a small lightweight keypad that can be carried around for a few days?

Need a disposable keypad that can be thrown away at the end of the meeting?

We use a variety of products from a variety of manufacturers to ensure you get the
very best in the industry


Using our wireless keypads is easier…. and more reliable.

A successful meeting depends on providing equipment you can rely on. We supply every meeting with the latest cutting-edge equipment – equipment that has been inspected, re-inspected and backed-up. For every piece of equipment we furnish 100% support and a state-of-the-art redundancy system to ensure data security.

Audience Response Systems

The use of an audience response system should allow companies and organizations options to effectively communicate with their audience; giving them the rare opportunity to receive as well as impart information. This reciprocal communication gives companies a unique perspective regarding the effectiveness of their message; a significant resource for companies on their road to success.

At The Extreme Group, we understand that no two meetings or gatherings are the same and we take seriously the importance of customizing the audience response system for each particular event. Our team members are experts in the field of audience response system technology and we know that in order for our clients to have a successful outcome they must be matched with equipment that meets their specific needs – technology on which they can rely.

Whether our clients need audience response systems that are lightweight and disposable or those audience response systems that provide more advanced features, we will help them choose the technology that is perfect for their needs.


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