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Time is coming to a close, you know the day of your presentation is coming up quickly, you know you have the perfect subject, you have everything in order, but you still know you need help keeping your audience engaged and you wonder, “Maybe I should add more jokes to keep the audience awake and interested?”

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Have you noticed how much more you learn when you are involved in the learning process? Think about one of your teachers that got the class talking and how effective it was when they asked for input. You had to learn, they could ask for your response at any time. Of course you paid more attention in that class than in the class where the teacher constantly lectured to you. Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself and download the free demo and see why our Audience Response is so effective. You can also try our free Online demo!

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You have heard of the Audience Response Systems but you just don’t know if it would be worth the investment or you do not know if even it would be a distraction. Lets face it, when deciding whether or not to incorporate Audience Response systems into your meeting, there are several factors that come into play; in a recent poll of corporate meetings planners, over 40% percent felt that over 50% of meetings were a waste of time because the message was not getting through.

Let us take a closer look at this: Say your meeting costs over $300,000, but at the end of the day little if any information has been retained by the attendees; that company’s investment has in essence been wasted.  Now let us imagine a different scenario, one that incorporates cutting edge Audience Response Technology into the same $300,000 meeting—now the attendees are engaged on a frequent basis, asked questions that relate to the presentations and are active and excited in the process…… At the end of this polling, 90% of the meeting planners said that they will use Audience Response systems at their future meetings.  So the conclusion is don’t let cost be an inhibiting factor.

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audience response systems
audience response systems
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